Services and Project Management


First 5 Commissions and Nonprofit Organizations

Providing complete, customizable solutions for First 5 and nonprofit organizations Persimmony Online Data solution allows you to collect qualitative and quantitative data, program assessments, client demographics, and authorization information (medical, financial, educational, and governmental data). Having this data at your fingertips allows you to track, report, and deliver outcomes-based data aligned to your strategic and operational plans.


Electronic Case Management (ECM)

Persimmony’s ECM data solution allows you to perform client care management with comprehensive assessments, case monitoring, follow-ups, referrals, and time study reporting with embedded NFP (ETO) interfaces, optional TCM billing and more.

ECM securely manages all your client and service data for an unlimited number of TCM and non-TCM programs. By providing automated workflow, it helps improve your case management work processes and recordkeeping to help you move away from paper-based services.


MAA (Medi-Cal Administrative Activities)

Persimmony provides real-time paperless timekeeping support through its MAA (Medi-Cal Administrative Activities) time-management solution. This add-on allows our ECM clients to track, store and report on employee time spent delivering activities covered under Medi-Cal. ECM synchronizes scheduling activities with time-study tracking, so TCM and other billings can be coded for ad-hoc or perpetual time study. MAA augments your ECM installation specifically for MAA time tracking, time study, and electronic timecard management.


Persimmony Referral Portal

Our online referral portal for agencies that work with county health departments is a real-time, paperless add-on that allows ECM clients to refer, track and report on referrals to health department programs that use ECM. It connects seamlessly to ECM, sending referrals instantly so program supervisors can review and determine eligibility and assessment. PRP augments ECM by allowing referring agencies to send confidential client referral information to the programs managed and tracked within ECM

First 5 Commissions and Nonprofit Organizations

Persimmony is an online database solution specifically developed for nonprofit organizations and California First 5 commissions and the programs they fund. The solution provides separate entry points for a comprehensive solution.

The Admin Module provides a secure interface for Commission and grant staff to set up and manage an unlimited number of programs and initiatives with unique milestones and assessments, including fiscal, referral and contract monitoring functionality.

The Client Module allows funded programs to securely store, track and report on client- and program-level data specific to their unique needs; including who is served; the types of services provided; assessment data before, during and after services; and units of service delivered, all in compliance with customizable confidentiality and data sharing protocols.

Persimmony allows nonprofit organizations to record and track an unlimited number of programs as well as an unlimited number of individuals with an unlimited number of user-defined services, answering an unlimited number of assessments – all accessible 24x7x365, with an unlimited number of user-specific reports, charts, graphs and even GIS maps that can viewed, saved or printed.

Electronic Case Management (ECM)

Persimmony ECM, our Electronic Case Management Data Solution, is an online health services information system for client care plan management using comprehensive client assessments, case monitoring, followups, referrals, and time study reporting with embedded NFP (ETO) interfaces, TCM billing and more.

ECM securely manages all client and service data for an unlimited number of TCM and non-TCM programs. It also helps improve case management work processes and recordkeeping by automating workflow using business rules as the organization moves away from paper-based processes.

With ECM, organizations can capture extensive client demographic and healthcare information about the clients they serve, automate statistical reporting, document and code TCM billing, ensure centralized and consistent delivery of care, and streamline the use and reporting of information for public health, NFP and program case managers and their supervisors.

ECM helps organizations improve their programs’ quality of service by allowing the healthcare professionals to focus on clients’ needs through a uniform pathway of service to prevent health problems before they occur, promote healthy behaviors and knowledge, support families in understanding their health. It also helps them provide referrals and collaborate with County and community partners by:

  • Tracking and monitoring comprehensive service plans;
  • Providing linkages, referrals, consultations (including followups) and perpetual time study;
  • Setting up crisis assistance planning and assistance with accessing services (e.g., arranging for transportation or translation);
  • Evaluating service effectiveness; and
  • Documenting and charging Targeted Case Management (TCM) assessment of needs.

Using ECM, case workers and home health nurses can:

  • Develop comprehensive service plans based upon the assessed needs, including the actions required to meet the identified service needs; the community programs, persons and/or agencies to which the individual will be referred; and a description of the nature, frequency and duration of the activities and strategies to achieve the service outcomes.
  • Electronically complete and track assessments and assessment notes, and develop, schedule and follow up on services plans.
  • Streamline the assessment of services identified in the service plan, including: arranging appointments for medical, social, educational and other services; and arranging translation services to facilitate communication between the beneficiary and the case manager, or providers of service.
  • Link consultation appointments and referrals and get reminders to follow up with the client and with the service providers to determine whether the services were received and met the client’s needs.
  • Create a pathway of services that home health workers can use in person or on a significant telephone contact (in lieu of a face-to- face contact when environmental considerations preclude a face-to-face encounter) to render one or more targeted case management service components by a case manager.
 Advantages achieved by organizations using ECM:
  • Data fields appear if data entry is required.
  • Improved understanding by the PHN C/Ms of the Targeted Case Management program.
  • Decreased clerical time because of electronic billing with fewer billing errors.
  • Increased depth to client assessments and increased consistency of services because of the ability to set standards for nursing practice.
  • Longer problem lists for more in-depth assessments, giving more potential TCM services = more billable encounters.
  • Improved communications between supervisor, office staff, and case managers regarding clients.
  • Greatly improved ability for supervisor to assess case manager caseloads and clients to be assigned, to utilize tools to know when a PHN might be falling behind, thereby creating an opportunity to assist with managing workload.
  • Online “Shadow” ability to assist with training, problem solving regardless of PHN’s location.
  • Fast and easy electronic billing directly to state TCM site.
  • Tools for Case Managers to assist with managing caseload, maintaining compliance with TCM regulations (30 day followup of referrals/resources, Periodic Review reminder, form and chart completion)
  • Schedule to calendar all encounters, reminders for followup required for clients, and the ability to document the TCM perpetual time survey.
  • Tools for Supervisor to manage staff, chart reviews and signature, program oversight.
  • Ability to develop custom reports.




Persimmony is responsible for all application hosting tasks and is accountable for all associated costs; none of this burden is passed on to any of our clients. Our hosting environment includes:

  • Redundant air conditioning and ups power.
  • Sarbanes-Oxley Act (2002) compliance.
  • Daily redundant backup with perpetual tape retention.
  • Closed-circuit television system and security with access log 24x7 by Pinkerton security guards.
  • 128 bit SSL communication encryption.
  • Failover redundant servers with load balancing.
  • Network redundancy utilizing multiple fiber network providers ensures servers are always up
  • Fire suppression designed to extinguish a fire in ten seconds or less. Zone 4 earthquake building design.


Persimmony is an Internet native fully relational database application. We provide this structure to all our clients because it simplifies and facilitates custom reports or queries and provides numerous technical advancements related to underlying application performance and efficiency of revisions.

Persimmony’s database programmers are able to make changes to the underlying architecture of the database in a rapid and controlled manner since it uses highly efficient and centralized programming logic.

Because we develop database systems that collect confidential data, we develop and deploy secure hosted environments with data repositories that are accessed through the Internet. We use the same level of security used by most financial institutions, medical data centers and government agencies handling critical and sensitive data transmissions.

Persimmony does not store data locally and/or batch data on a desktop or laptop computer thereby eliminating the risk of data theft. This can never occur with Persimmony.


Whereas encryption impacts the transmission of data across the Internet, the firewall controls access to certain Internet addresses. The firewall stands between Persimmony’s hosting environment, where its application servers reside, and the Internet to regulate traffic between the two. The firewall screens all incoming network traffic, including the sender’s address and the services being requested, to allow only requests from legitimate sources to be forwarded to the software application and user data. Persimmony’s hosting environment uses the most robust firewall solution in the form of dedicated hardware firewalls whose sole purpose is to screen incoming traffic and prevent unauthorized access. This type of firewall solution is widely used by companies who require the most robust level of protection for their users’ data.


Persimmony maintains all of our clients' databases and application servers and have an effective operational uptime of 99.9 percent, due to our implementation of redundant servers. All Persimmony users can access the Persimmony Web-based interface, whether using a PC or Macintosh, guaranteeing the most up-to-date data 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


When working with a new organization, we customize a Persimmony demo database site based on the unique specifications and needs for that client. This test environment is what we use to validate and configure as well as test import data – until the Client is satisfied. The online demo site is just as robust and interactive as a LIVE Persimmony application, allowing us to train users in advance of switching over to the LIVE site once the final import of data has been completed.



Persimmony provides its clients with an easy-to-use online interface, a robust SQL back-end database and rich programming to marry the two so that our customers have:

  • An extremely user-friendly interface for inputting data
  • ‘Smart Screen’ technology that prohibits getting lost in the application because you stay on one screen
  • Data fields that only appear if data entry is required
  • ‘Smart fields’ to ensure proper data is entered
  • Fully customizable data fields and customizable drop-down menus that populate with preset values saving valuable data entry time and eliminating the great majority of data entry typos
  • Intelligent programming so the data fields auto-calculate (age, consent expiration, dates, etc.) to assure data integrity and reduce data entry
  • Keyboard tabs and/or mouse activated data entry


Our intuitive Setup Screen allows users to independently change local variables and add an unlimited number of surveys, all ‘on the fly.’ Whether on your laptop, iPad or mobile phone’s PDA, Persimmony’s online interface provides its users with a secure online data management system that can be easily accessed at the point of service.


Authorized users can easily and independently create and use an unlimited number of data collection tools whether they are program-specific custom questionnaires or standard survey tools used by all. Persimmony’s easy-to-use survey-generator in the application’s Setup Module is just as easy to use as any of the other Persimmony data screens on the front end of the application. Users are provided a wide variety of survey item types to select from so users can quickly ‘build their own’ survey. The Setup interface also allows organizations to customize the terminology of any of the (hundreds of) data field labels and load any of the drop-down menus with client-approved choices.


From client management to aggregate data to outcomes analysis, Persimmony provides its clients with reports that cross tabulate data against any field within the database, including any of the core demographic elements.

  • Real-time access to point-and-click data reports (tables, graphs and GIS maps) across all levels of the application 24-hours every day
  • Milestone and participant-level reports - assist in data collection and data quality assurance
  • Interactive data normalization reports to highlight data entry errors as well as other data integrity errors
  • All Persimmony reports can be run without needing any special technical knowledge and can be viewed online or exported to save or print in Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Adobe PDF at any time
  • Unlike other data systems where users have to continually scroll side bars for filtering options, Persimmony provides easy to use drop-down filters within a single pane so that users can customize any report using drop-down filters that refine and narrow selected reports



The Persimmony database application provides a complete content management system so important documents can be uploaded, viewed and accessed online. Contracts, insurance forms, and any other important contract documents specific to each program can be stored electronically within Persimmony.


Persimmony provides a large report library that cross tabulate data against any field within the database, including any of the core demographic elements. That is the power of Persimmony. We build reports that can be run across programs working on common initiatives as well as across all programs; allowing the most current data to be pulled into reports, charts, pivot tables, or GIS maps with drill downs to specific issues by outcome area.



Persimmony is fully compliant with all HIPAA requirements for the protection of your clients’ personally identifying information (PII) and protected health information (PHI). As a designated business associated under HIPAA guidance, we follow the same rules and practices as our clients (covered entities). Our databases are hosted in a secure facility with controlled, “need-to-know” access and 24-hour physical security.

SOC2 Type 1 and SOC2 Type 2

Persimmony’s internal controls have been evaluated and deemed compliant with Service Organization Control Trust Services Principles. We hold assertions for both SOC2 Type 1 and SOC2 Type 2 compliance. These certifications provide assurance that our organizational controls, such as policies, procedures, security practices, and management, are performed according to best practices for guarding confidential client information.