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Persimmony Helps Sponsor Trauma-Informed PHN Home Visiting Training

Persimmony, Solano County and Napa County hosted a daylong training event on trauma-informed visiting. The Persimmony Collaborative had dreamed of creating cross-region evaluation data to show how public health nurses (PHNs) make a positive difference in families’ lives, and several Collaborative members joined forces to revise some commonly used assessments. In August, representatives from 13 counties gathered in Napa for the daylong training event to prepare PHNs to provide trauma-informed visiting in their own regions.

The Collaborative comprises representatives from 10 Persimmony sites and two new implementing counties. Sonoma County Public Health Nursing developed a model based on trauma-informed care and using Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) screening and education. Results included improved rates of well-child care, breastfeeding and immunizations. In FY 2018-2019, the Sonoma County PHNs began using the model after their existing Persimmony assessments were revised, and recently completed the first year of evaluation data.

Trauma-informed home visiting, an outgrowth of trauma-informed care, uses ACEs) screening, and focuses on treating the whole person, considering past trauma and associated coping mechanisms, as a part of understanding and treating families.

Event sponsors were Sonoma County Public Health, Napa County Public Health, and Persimmony.

As the initiative moves forward, Persimmony will help customers add the necessary questions to assessments so they can extract similar evaluation data.

Sonoma representatives hope other counties will join them and add to the available data pool. They hope to take it to an educational institution in the near future to further explore the topic and potentially obtain assistance with data and funding.

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