About Us

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Data Management Solutions

Persimmony International, Inc. has been developing software solutions for education, government and healthcare organizations since 2002. Our organization’s core competency is to develop and deploy easy-to-use Internet-based data management solutions that promote outcomes measurement for increased health, human service, education and government accountability.

Persimmony data solutions are known for their easy-to-use interface, robust SQL back-end database, and rich programming that marries the two with an unlimited number of reports and charts to ensure that users can ‘get data out of the system’ just as easily as they can ‘enter data into the system.

Our intuitive Setup Screen allows users to independently change local variables and add an unlimited number of surveys, all on the fly. Whether on your laptop, iPad, or mobile phone’s PDA, Persimmony’s online interface provides its users with a secure online data management system that can be easily accessed at the point of service.

Our Philosophy

Given our extensive experience working with healthcare, education, not-for-profit and government organizations, we at Persimmony have built our services methodology on the following foundation: strategic planning, evaluation and data collection needs are dynamic.
At Persimmony, our philosophy is to accommodate the ever-changing nature of data collection; allowing our client's staff and any of the funded program staff they contract with to add, modify, or change how and what is collected.

With Persimmony, your database is just that… your database. You can modify it "on the fly" to reflect even the smallest of changes.